• Ca - From the north, south or west

    • Avoid taking the route through the city centre in the busy commuting times!
    • Autobahn A7
    • Exit "Schnelsen Nord"
    • Turn to "Norderstedt Süd" at the end of the exit
    • Continue to follow the road (signs "Ring 3") for about 25 minutes
    • Turn right into "Poppenbütteler Landstraße"
    • Turn left at the second traffic lights and - after just 20 metres - turn right into our driveway.
  • Car - From the east

    • Autobahn A1, exit no. 29 “Stapelfeld”. Turn left into „Alte Landstraße“ at the end of the exit.
    • Turn right into “Höltigbaum”. Continue to follow the road.
    • Follow the middle lane to “Wellingsbüttel” at the blind crossing.
    • Turn right into "Farmsener Weg"
    • Turn right behind the trainstation "Wellingsbüttel"
    • Turn left at the next junction
    • Turn right at the next junction and right away right again into our driveway
  • Arriving by plane

    The ideal airport for travelling to Hamburg is “Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel” (“HAM”).

    You can find the current flight connections here: Route Network.

    We recommend taking a cab to get from the airport to Pierau Planung (driving time ca. 20 minutes).

    A tip: Give the cab driver the destination “Grotenbleken Ecke Poppenbüttler Landstraße, am AEZ”
    (meaning: Grotenbleken and Poppenbüttler Landstraße, near the AEZ).

    Arriving by traing

    Leave the train at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hamburg Central
    Station). You can take a cab from there to arrive at Pierau
    Planung’s - but it’s by far more relaxing to take the S-Bahn
    (suburban railway). There is a direct line between the
    Hauptbahnhof and the station around the corner from our offices.
    Please look here for the departure times of the S-Bahn.

    Take the “S1” (green line) and exit at its terminal stop “Poppenbüttel”.

Hotel recommendations

  • YoHo The Young Hotel

    In walking distance of Hamburg's fashionable quarters with a
    very good public transportation connection. 30 minutes to get to
    Pierau Planung by car - considerably longer during busy commuting
    times. 40 minutes door to door by public transportation.

  • Poppenbüttler Hof

    Privately run hotel with 32 rooms. Special conditions for visitors
    to Pierau Planung’s!

    The hotel is only a short 15 minutes walk through the Alster valley
    from our company.

  • Motel Alster One

    New, reasonably priced hotel in the city centre.

    50 minutes door to door by public transportation. 25 minutes by car
    during quiet hours (at least double the time during the rush hour).

  • Mellingburger Schleuse

    Very idyllic and quiet, 40 rooms.

    5 minutes to Pierau Planung by car - or half an hour walk through
    a nature reserve.