June 2020

Introducing Frank M√ľnch, the new Associate Director at Pierau Planung

Pierau Planung’s team of Associate Directors has gained reinforcements in the form of logistics consultant, Frank Münch. This graduate engineer has been on board since 1 June 2020 and with decades of experience in the fields of logistics and supply chain, he now brings his know-how to the project business of our consulting team at our headquarters in Hamburg.

‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’ describes Frank Münch to a tee. His broad professional background, ranging from sales, production and IT to organizational consulting, shows just how much he has internalized the idea that change is imperative to move forward.

Working in management positions in a wide variety of companies, the 55-year-old has steadily honed his skills with a primary focus on trade and logistics.  He understands both sides of the coin, from a consultancy point of view as well as the practical side of logistics. “My work as a consultant has benefitted from the fact that I got to know the logistics industry, with all its daily challenges together with the long-term need for adaptations required to meet changing markets, through my responsibilities at Tchibo and Takko.  This gives me a unique understanding of our customers’ needs and the environment in which logistics projects are implemented.”

Frank Münch's commitment to the development of the logistics industry goes far beyond his consulting activities. As the regional group spokesman for the German Logistics Association Bundesvereinigung für Logistik (BVL), he is familiar with the latest developments in the industry and is committed not only to the exchange of information but also the enhancement of logistics across all sectors.

We are delighted to have Frank Münch on board, a colleague with a wide range of experience and know-how. His expertise will help us to push ahead with the further successful expansion of our business operations. Welcome to the team!