January 2021

Educational Mission in Logistics

On January 26, 2021, our Associate Director Frank Münch and our Senior Consultant Michael Geisinger will return to university for a day to contribute to a lecture series at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). In their lecture "Network and Logistics Planning - from Theory to Practice", they will detail the VDI Guideline 5200 and show how its phases are taken into account in practice during project work and the development of logistics solutions at Pierau Planung.

The seven phases of the VDI Guideline 5200 map the steps of an intralogistics project from the determination of requirements or target definition to live operation. Frank Münch and Michael Geisinger show what lies behind these phases in practice - what do the tasks translate to real project work, what dependencies are there, how do you drive the project along this roadmap? And most importantly, which approaches (and tricks) have proven successful? Where does practice deviate from the VDI guideline?

In their presentation, the two logistics consultants always contrast theory with practice and provide exciting insights behind the scenes of actual projects.

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