March 2021

New name, new logo - same team!

Did you recognize us?

For already one year, the team of Pierau Planung has been part of Fortna, known world-wide for the design and delivery of solutions that optimize fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfillment.

We have used the last few months to fine-tune our combined service portfolio with the "best of both worlds" and to successfully tackle the first joint projects. Now it is time to express our affiliation to Fortna in black and white (or rather "blue on white").

Effective immediately, we are operating under the brand name Fortna | Pierau. By keeping the name ‘Pierau’, we communicate to our customers that the combined talents and thought leadership of the Pierau and Fortna teams will come together and continue to work and offer design reliability for all existing and future projects.


Our brand name and our logo. becomes with immediate effect.
The availability under the previous email guidelines is managed.


The team members you know are still on board. All project managers are still at your side with advice and action. Location in Hamburg, telephone numbers, responsibilities for project work - everything as usual.

We are pleased that with the new brand we can now show that we are part of the bigger picture, and we invite you to explore how Fortna can help you solve the most complex distribution challenges and ensure business continuity:


Want to learn more about our rebrand and our increased service portfolio? Please contact our marketing Herdis Seibt and Nicole Morganti at