March 2021

The new Batchpoint is out! (Issue 01-2021)

Here it is, the latest issue of our customer magazine Batchpoint.

What's new: the look. Now that we as Fortna | Pierau are fully immersed in Fortna's branding, Batchpoint has also been given a new coat of paint.

What's tried and true: We've also included info from the industry, behind-the-scenes looks at our project work and news about Fortna and Fortna | Pierau in this issue.


Intralogistics and the Impact of the Corona Pandemic | coffee perfect: More Room for Expansion | MSC Drives Customer Service Up and Cost Down | Micro-Fulfillment on the Rise | 3 ... 2 ... 1 Three Milestones as Two Become One

English Issue / German Issue