About us

Fortna | Pierau consists of a team of experienced specialists in the fields of logistics planning, fulfillment, outsourcing, production planning, automation, supply chain management, IT, warehouse management and many, many more … Our engineers are ideally suited to helping you meet current and future logistics, distribution and supply chain challenges.

We offer our customers expertise gained in more than 60 years of logistics consulting and in over 2,000 successfully executed projects. From its headquarters in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Fortna | Pierau has built up an international network with representatives in Great Britain, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Spain, France, Austria and Italy, and has access to local contacts on site.

After several years of contact between the two companies, Fortna | Pierau was taken over in January 2020 by the global consulting firm Fortna® - The Distribution Experts®. Fortna was founded over 70 years ago in the USA and, like us, is a specialist in the planning and implementation of logistics and supply chain solutions. The Fortna team has successfully won a place in the world of logistics by making bold promises to its customers. These experts make their customers requirements their own and guarantee successful project implementation in terms of costs and productivity. As general contractor, they assume full responsibility for budget, schedule and performance and hand over complete, ready-to-use production lines to their customers.

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