ERP and Warehouse Management Systems

The IT system is at the heart of your logistics operation. Without a trouble free interaction between ERP, WMS and the MFC, no smooth performance can be achieved.

The selection of a software system is ideally made only once, thus usually being a milestone in the development of a company. If you want the optimum logistics process you might of course want to familiarize yourself with the subject but there are many excellent reasons to entrust our team with this crucial task.

First of all: We have done this many times before. We have done it in a number of industries, products and distribution channels. We have done this for manufacturing, mail order, retail outlet supply and logistics fulfillment.

We do know the systems, their strengths and weaknesses. We know with which systems we can rely on approved standards and practices and which systems demand additional customization and adjustment. We work independently from suppliers, thus creating true competition among the vendors and we find an optimum solution at an optimum price for your needs.

In the run-up to the project we analyze your requirements together with your company’s project team. This ensures the requirements are determined earlier than at the f technical specification stage thus preventing additional costs.

You receive an overview of the standard functionalities at an early stage!

Our check lists, based on our long-standing experience, are developed to reveal opportunities and to provide suppliers with exact specifications during the tendering procedures. If these specifications were to be determined only after signing the contract, the project budget would be disproportionately affected by cost increases.

Our services at a glance

  • Analysis of the current individual production processes, indicators, interfaces, specifications and restrictions
  • Development of a target concept and preparation of technical specifications and tender documentation
  • Selection of potential suppliers of the ERP system, WMS or the MFC, management of the tendering process and reviewing and comparing offers
  • Creation of true competition among the vendors, support during supplier interviews, contract negotiations and contract conclusion
  • Organisation of workshops for systemic tests of real-data and processes and the user-friendliness thereof
  • Support and coordination during the implementation, testing and commissioning stages