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“Are we too small to be a Pierau Planung customer?“ Definitely not!

“Is it worth having a planning partner for a company of our size?“ Absolutely!

Opportunities in smaller companies are an integral and recurrent part of our work, so we stand by the maxim that no job is too small. Over the years we have supported many of our customers from their humble beginnings to being market leaders in their respective industries.

A cooperation right from the start has many advantages for both parties:

Pierau Planung as small business partners

What this means for you is a commitment from Pierau Planung that your logistics requirements are constantly adapted to your company’s growth. Based on practical experience together with industry and technological know-how, acquired over many years, we ensure that right from the first investment, future developments are taken into consideration and your company remains on track. Many storage and logistics solutions may be difficult to comprehend at first, but we can supply targeted support for the decision-making process based on our practical experience, as it is these issues that form the basis of our daily work.

We can plan processes and systems for you that are modular and tailor-made to your own requirements. As independent planners unconstrained by special offers from handling and warehousing systems, we will not try to sell you the most complex installations possible.

Is it worth using a planning partner?

The performance and reliability of a company’s logistics have increasingly become a deciding factor in its competitivity. This is due to market pressures and the high expectations of customers and business partners. At the same time a company’s development and expansion is often closely associated with far-reaching financial decisions. By bringing on board a planning partner at the beginning, not only are your current needs met but also your future approach is assured. Thanks to our technological expertise and impartiality as to the range of available suppliers’ offers, we ensure that you get maximum benefit at achievable prices no matter what size the initial investment is.

From the outset we pay close attention to the expandability and reusability of technology, avoiding bad investments that ultimately lead nowhere, we carefully select appropriate strategies in the early days that will pay dividends for any future expansion. Through our knowledge of standards and guidelines, drafting contracts with suppliers, service agreements and many other practical details, we can provide you with a secure logistics environment on which you can rely in the long term.

Please do not hesitate to request a cost-free, no obligation quote for assistance with your current logistics challenges.