Services in Detail


Regardless of whether we optimize your logistics operation, manage the commissioning of a new DC, conduct an analysis of spare part supplies, integrate an aspect of the production process into the material flow or plan a supply chain operation: regardless of the task, all or activities follow similar basic patterns.
Below you will find our core services.

Analysis, Data Collection and Defining Target Values
Expertise is the key when analyzing existing systems or preparing a new design. We know which data has to be collected, which dimensions have to be used and which performance measurements should be compared.
Decades of experience are one of our biggest assets. We know which systems for which products, distribution channels and industries will produce a cost effective result, аnd we continuously refine our measuring techniques, questionnaires and methods of analysis.

Fortna | Pierau provide the complete range of logistics services including materials flow, supply chain analyses and process simulation for:

  • Site analysis and benchmarking
  • Analysis of outsourcing opportunities
  • ABC & XYZ analysis
  • Organizational analyses
  • Evaluation of planned objectives
  • Cost-benefit calculations
  • Assessment of rationalization opportunities
  • Analysis of bottlenecks and process limitations
  • Assessment of restructuring requirements
  • Expert opinions
  • Definition of requirements for ERP systems
  • Time studies of work processes
  • Current status analysis (costs per piece, order-picking output per shift, warehouse utilization etc), benchmarks and performance calculations

Design of New Buildings, Re-Organizations and Extensions
An optimum design for a warehouse or logistics system takes into consideration many factors that will influence profitability and performance over the entire service life of the system.
A good design will allow for all material, staff and time dependant factors. The aim must be an economic, modular extendible system that not only covers the current requirements of customers but that can adapt to future developments as well.
Experience has shown that not every new discovery on the market automatically proves to be the ideal solution for a customer. Use of equipment, degree of automation and the structure of planned processes have to reflect the nature of the location, the products, the shipping process and many more customer specific issues.
We offer the complete range of different services - from concept planning and calculation of budget costs and target productivities to detailing alternative solutions:

  • Location planning
  • Architectural and preliminary construction planning
  • Layout planning and specifications for the column grid of the building.
  • Design of logistics processes
  • Planning and design of technical equipment (goods inwards, storage, picking, packing, dispatch, auxiliary resources, returns processing etc)
  • Organizational planning and process definitions
  • Pre-selection fire protection
  • Preparation of IT specifications (MFC, WMS, ERP) and definition of interfaces
  • Design of ergonomic work stations
  • Design of materials flow processes
  • Layout of administrative and social areas

Services specifically for Industry and Production

  • Design of material and information flows in accordance with proven Lean methods
    • flexibility and segmentation of the production apparatus
    • avoiding wasting resources
  • Structuring the entire supply for maximum efficiency, added value and sustainability in both material and information
  • Design of processes and site use in accordance with the principles of optimum flow production
  • Planning and optimisation of material supply and components at workstations in coordination with production (just-in-time, just-in-sequence)

We remain calm when projects enter the crucial phase!
During the implementation stage, your project manager at Fortna | Pierau is your personal contact who represents and realizes your interests with all the project participants.
At the start of the implementation process we ensure that the right team of architects and suppliers will be working for you and that all contract terms and conditions meet your requirements:

  • Proposing suitable suppliers
  • NDA management
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Comparison of bids
  • Bid negotiations
  • Verification of technical specifications
  • Awarding of contracts
  • Scheduling
  • Compilation of supplier contracts and contract management

During the implementation stage we take over the coordination between all project parties. We monitor budgets and schedules and ensure the flow of information and the coordination of interfaces between the different suppliers.
We will make sure that you are kept fully informed of all project developments and that project chores are dealt with by us so that you can focus on the more important business decisions.
During the final phase of the project we monitor test runs, oversee acceptance and commissioning processes and make sure that you will get a turnkey system that will meet all specifications and requirements which are necessary to support your company’s further development.