Service Overview

An overview of our services

The Pierau Planung team is specialized in providing logistics and warehouse solutions for different goods, industries and channels of distribution. With over 55 years’ experience, we successfully plan and implement various economically sound bespoke logistics solutions on behalf of our customers. Our work encompasses not only the whole range of logistics planning and consultation for the mail order, retail, wholesale, industry, manufacturing and spare parts markets but also projects with a wider scope, e.g. outsourcing, supply chain solutions, fulfilment services and many more. Many of our concepts are regarded as ground breaking. For example the company-developed the first high bay carton storage and pick-to box systems and provided unique solutions for fully automated packing sorters and dynamic picking systems.

Our goal is to provide our customers with long-term support. We support them with solutions that foster continuous growth and development, and have the technological capacity to meet long-term demand. No job is too big or too small (see also “Open to Everyone”). We are very experienced in planning and introducing complete systems on green field sites or in developing major extensions but we also support our customers with individual analyses of current and future performance indicators together with a feasibility study or a concept evaluation.

Our customer services are comprehensive and range from analysis for preliminary and detailed construction planning, preparation and management of the tender process, supplier selection and contract negotiations through to supplier management including the monitoring of the assembly process, equipment acceptance, testing and commissioning.

The underlying principle is and always will be the same: Pierau Planung is the central contact for all project participants. We provide budget and schedule supervision and relieve the customer of much of the detailed project work thus ensuring a smooth running project.

Full project transparency and being up to date is crucial to our customers. We already guarantee this when issuing our customers with quotations. Our quotations are divided into separate stages, which can be treated as individual, self-contained pieces of work. Each stage is broken down in complete detail thus providing our customers with all the project milestone and schedule information that they need.

You may find more detailed information of our services under “Services in Detail”. You want to learn more about our activities for particular industries and logistics branches? Then “Topics in Focus” might be of particular interest, covering all the information you require! If you would like to speak directly to the appropriate colleague, you can find his contact details under “Direct Line”.