Warehouse Design

Planning a warehouse is far more than simply drawing a rack or a conveyor onto a footprint. Planning is about providing your company with an optimized warehousing solution that smoothly fits into your overall logistics processes and meets all the special requirements of your industry, your products and your distribution structure

Your warehouse organisation must be rock solid when your staff, warehouse techniques and processes are facing ever new challenges from seasonal and product range changes and mid-to-long term company strategies. Nevertheless, the complete system must be fully expandable on a modular base lest it slows down the development of your company.

Decades of experience in successfully planning logistics projects are one of our biggest assets. We provide the very best ratio of investments required to possible benefits. Our team has implemented multiple customer specific solutions using different equipment and degrees of automation.

Should you consider approaching a warehousing equipment supplier directly, they will, for obvious reasons, provide you with a very narrow scope of available solutions. The advantage of cooperating with Fortna | Pierau is our vendor-independence. We are familiar with both state-of-the-art and well tried and tested warehousing, conveyor and IT systems and we know in what ways they are compatible. Our goal is to create an ideal warehousing solution, not to sell you equipment. This is the reason we strive to integrate existing equipment into new systems and to provide sustainable and expandable concepts.

Service overview

  • Current status analysis and evaluation of planned objectives, ABC & XYZ analysis, benchmarking
  • Determining optimum distance and location of picking and reserve stock warehouses
  • Planning of time critical pathways,for goods inwards, relocation and retrieval strategies
  • Consideration of the whole process when planning the warehouse
  • Development of warehousing solutions ideally meeting your product profile, industry and distribution channel.
  • Vendor independent selection of suitable warehousing and conveyor equipment and IT systems
  • Cooperation with the principal and/or architect regarding all aspects of the, building frame, fire protection, sprinkler systems and other regulations
  • Selection and planning of equipment best suited to ideally support your new warehouse facility