What We do

Over 60 years ago, the founder of our company was instrumental in the development of logistics that have made German shipping, with its customer service and response time, a leading light in nearly all sectors. Today, we are still experts in logistics consulting and planning but we have used the experience acquired over the years to significantly enhance our activities and range of service.

Fortna | Pierau offers a full range of logistics planning and supply chain consulting

… For the optimisation of a single system to be used as a general template for a new development on a greenfield site;
… For start-ups and small businesses to global players;
… For every possible perspective: From analyzing single movements in the warehouse to an overview of the entire supply chain;
… For all industries and markets which transport and store goods including: trade, textiles, food, automobile, electrical, engineering, medical, chemical, automotive and aerospace;
… For B2B and B2C, chain stores and mail order companies, suppliers and manufacturers, multi-channel distribution;
… For diverse products such as coffee beans, paints, refined products, care tyres, contact lenses, pet food, cashmere coats and many more;
… And as a long-time business companion and planning partner for our customers.

You may find a detailed overview of our services under „Service Overview“.

Here’s a sample:

  • Analyses and benchmarks
  • Evaluation of existing logistics and IT concepts
  • Definitions of organization and processes
  • Optimization and modernization of existing facilities
  • Selection and assessment of sites
  • Development of building concepts
  • Warehouse planning
  • Development of logistics systems and concepts
  • Creation of specifications
  • Detail planning of facilities
  • IT concepts (ERP, WMS, MFC)
  • Tender and quotation management
  • Supplier negotiations and contract design
  • Centralized project management
  • Coordination of interfaces and schedules (logistics, IT, construction)
  • Staff planning and training
  • Retrofit programs
  • Client representation
  • General planning services
  • Support in logistics outsourcing
  • Interim management