Pierau Planung is on its way to becoming a truly traditional enterprise. Founded in 1961 by Ehrhardt Pierau, we have now celebrated our 55th anniversary as a second-generation enterprise.

Three managing directors represent our company: Lothar Hättich is our first contact for all customers in the logistics and supply chain, primarily in Germany. Arne Pierau is our partner for strategy, supply chain and international customers. Björn Brunkow is the face of our industry and production division together with national and international business development he connects industry-specific requirements with the logistics expertise for which we have been known for decades. Running parallel to their managerial tasks, all three managers are also involved in practical project work. This ensures that Pierau Planung keeps its finger on the pulse and remains at the cutting edge of the very latest technological developments.

Our current team of 30 employees consists of senior and junior project managers, technical draftswomen and administrative staff. We can also tap into a pool of tried and trusted freelance personnel hailing from different industries.

We insist on solid basic training in all areas of work. All our project managers are graduate engineers or industrial engineers. By the composition of our team of experts in data analysis, production logistics, supply chain management, material flow optimization, logistics outsourcing, ERP systems and much more, we offer a wide range of services and expertise in which goods and materials from all industries are stored, processed and swiftly and reliably transported from A to B.