• Planning partners for over 4 decades!

    Conrad Electronic is the European leader in the electronics and technology mail order industry.  It has a range of 600,000 products sold in a network of 25 stores, via catalogue and mainly online.  Every day around 35,000 consignments are despatched from the Wernberger Logistik depot.

    For over 4 decades, Fortna | Pierau has been the logistics planning partner of Conrad Electronic.

    Our common history in brief:

    1973 Development of the first logistics centre and the establishment of shipping headquarters in Hirschau.  At the end of 1990 the new logistics centre in Wernberg was established.  This had originally been designed as a central warehouse for the stores.  With the advent of e-commerce, the B2C settlement at Hirschau was relocated to Wernberg at the beginning of 2000.  For improved management and increased capacity in the current stage of development of the Wernberger logistics location, a new extension with a shuttle and a high performance goods-to-man order-picking area was expanded in 2014.

  • Development of short-term optimisation measures and expansion planning
    INTERSPORT Deutschland eG are the largest retail medium-sized business cooperative in the German and European sports retail market. Their currently over 1,000 members operate more than 1,400 specialised stores and generate a revenue of over 2,9 billion Euros in Germany alone.

    The national INTERSPORT corporations form an international network. With 5,200 associated retailers in 37 countries, INTERSPORT have the worldwide leading position in the sporting goods retail market.

    INTERSPORT are continuously growing. To adjust their logistics systems to their growth, they have assigned Fortna | Pierau with various tasks:

    Measures to develop storage and fulfilment capacities in the central German warehouse. Development of a gradual concept, from in-dividual immediate measures to long-term plans for extending the existing building.
    Concept study for ensuring the productivity of the central DC.
    Capacity increase and new order-picking processes for pre-order fulfilment.
    Kapazitätserweiterung der Nachorderkommissionierung
    Revision of the supply chain
  • Design and development of logistics processes and systems
    Fortna | Pierau has planned and implemented logistics processes and systems for Hennes & Mauritz’ largest distribution centre worldwide. The fulfilment is designed for the supply of more than 500 chain stores in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

    The distribution centre includes the latest technologies for processing hanging and flat garments within an area of over 125,000 sq metres. The processing potential of the facility has been calculated to be more than 500 million pieces per year.
    • Hanging garments processing
    • High-bay racking
    • View after completion of the DC
  • New central warehouse and introduction of tower picking system

    In September 2009 our customer Music Store celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony for their new headquarters with an integrated distribution centre.

    Fortna | Pierau were contracted to develop and commission a new central warehouse. The objective was to triple throughput and shipments in comparison with the existing DC. Highlights of the new logistics system are automated double-deep high-bay racking with over 13,000 locations, an automated miniload system with more than 16,000 locations and six pick towers for fast moving goods.

    Shop space and logistics systems will be completed at the beginning of 2011.

    • Ground-breakung ceremony
    • Design of building
    • Building planning
  • Concept design for a new logistics operation
    Wright Health Group LTD is an international company that manufactures and distributes products for dental surgeries and laboratories. A network of commercial agents markets the comprehensive range of products worldwide.

    Fortna | Pierau was made responsible for identifying opportunities to increase capacity and to reorganize and implement new logistics processes.
    • Headquarters in Scotland
    • New order-picking processes
    • Modernisation within existing layout
  • Design, operation and reorganization of several logistic areas
    QVC is one of the leading teleshopping companies worldwide. Founded in the USA, QVC have become firmly established in Europe. In Germany, QVC are currently one of the top 10 mail order companies.

    QVC’s logistics system has a capacity of ~15 million items per year. The product range consists of 18,000 constantly changing items. Fortna | Pierau was assigned the task of reorganizing the returns processing and dispatch departments, with connecting the logistics system to the Hermes hub (for up to 8,000 consignments / hour) and for designing a logistics system for bulky goods.
    • Distribution centre
    • Connection to the Hermes hub
    • Connection to the Hermes hub
  • Extension of logistics and storage capacity
    engelbert strauss is the leading European mail order company for work clothes and safety equipment. Strauss is a family business and sell their range of 15,000 items via catalogues and a very successful online store.

    Fortna | Pierau supported engelbert strauss in extending their logistic capacity in several stages. Our project work included:

    Design and implementation of new logistics processes
    Preliminary planning of the main building for the extension phase
    Designing, detail planning and commissioning of an automated small components warehouse, a high-bay warehouse and all of the associated logistics activity
    • Distribution centre
    • Automated small components warehouse
    • Dispatch
  • Design and operation of a distribution centre
    Printus is the leading mail-order company for office supplies in Germany.

    Fortna | Pierau was contracted by Printus to carry out a range of tasks which included:

    Planning and building a warehouse and distribution centre
    Reorganisation of fulfillment processes
    Introduction of tower picking systems including pick-by-light support and automated replenishment
    Design and operation of an automated storage facility

    Printus was the first company in Germany to offer their customers a free of charge 24h delivery service. Orders which are received up to 5pm will be delivered in the next working day.
    • New administrative and logistics centre
    • Working in the order picking module
    • Automated small components warehouse
  • Logistic and workshop planning

    Our customer Kaffee Partner is the German market leader in the development of customized solutions for supplying coffee services to the staff and customers of a wide variety of clients. 

    Currently over 60,000 customers are using the services of Kaffee Partner which apart from supplying coffee dispensers also provide a comprehensive technical service, accessories and coffee related products.

    Kaffee Partner is planning a new logistics and distribution centre near the original company site. Fortna | Pierau war contracted with the design and implementation of all logistics processes and implement. The design included a workshop where customised coffee dispensers are being produced and from which technical support services are being supplied. 

  • Extension of warehouse and dispatch capacities
    hama is importer and wholesaler of electronic items and equipment.

    Fortna | Pierau have assisted hama with several extension and optimisation projects (last in 2008). Our services included: Long term planning view of the existing site - Concepts for gradually doubling the capacity of the storage warehouse, accelerating replenishment and increasing dispatch capacity - Design of a new returns department with detailed planning of all technical equipment and organisational processes - Implementation of all planned systems and processes, including reaching agreement on specifications, execution of tests, acceptance and commissioning processes.
    • Headquarters
    • AS/RS miniload system
    • Building plan